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The breathtaking award-winning DVD for prospective parents.

Dr. Kajsa Brimdyr, ethnographer and international expert in implementing skin to skin in first hour, guides you through the beauty and magic of the first hour after birth. Combining stunning videography of babies during this amazing time with the humorous and practical insights of real parents and the grounded research of international experts Ann-Marie Widström and Lars Åke Hanson, this DVD is both heartwarming and informative.

It has been well documented that holding a baby skin to skin in the first hour after birth is crucial for improving health, establishing breastfeeding and creating a priceless bond between mother and newborn baby.

Every baby goes through nine amazing stages when skin to skin with their mother during the first hour.

Each of these stages are beautifully illustrated and discussed. This 30 minute DVD asks parents who have experienced skin to skin to share their thoughts and feelings about what this magical first hour after birth meant for them and their child. International in scope, it will give parents a realistic view of what it means to spend that first hour in direct uninterrupted contact with the new life they have been given.